Natasha Lushetich

Orandakinso, nd.

The neoliberal strategies of abandonment and denigration have confined the discussion of necropolitics to increasingly hopeless, linear-logic-locked contexts where biopolitics is equated with necropolitics, and where death is seen as the ultimate horizon of existence.

In a gesture similar to Jacques Rancière’s (theorisation of politics as the distribution of the sensible; 2004), my contribution to the ‘Necro-Capital, Necro-Excess’ seminar investigates the emergence of necropolitical tendencies through an affective cartography of the pre-necropolitical and the necro-sublime. Without losing sight of the force and speed with which death-bound necropolitics has shaped the postpolitical universe, proto-necropolitical intensities, ‘textures’, and ‘tipping points’ are examined in several domains: in the ubiquitous (digital) grinding dynamics that regulate assignments of energy through repetition; in the influence of techno-romantic practices on the shaping of the ‘horizon of truth’; in the becoming-project of the subject; and in the increased presence of the necro-sublime in mass murder (e.g. Orlando).

→ ACLA 2017