Natasha Lushetich

In recent years, disorder has become synonymous with hyperbolic growth, with the viral spreading of noxious agents, and with the exhaustion of cultural reserves. Disorder is perceived as a threat, but does it have to be?

Beginning with the 1960-70s’ work of John Cage, the Fluxus artists, Yayoi Kusama, and Paul McCarthy, and continuing with the 2000-10s’ work of Agostino Di Scipio, Jiang Pengyi, Kuai Shen, and SymbioticA, this paper places traditional Chinese notions of disorder as turbulence in dialogue with the recent scientific-philosophical paradigms, such as Karen Barad’s ‘posthuman performativity’. Through an analysis of unexpected temporal directions, fractal spaces, collapsed orders of magnitude, social scatology, and cross-species mixing, it sketches a phenomenology of dis-ordered systems.

→ 12 ICAS 2017