Natasha Lushetich

Kuai Shen: Playing with Ants and Other Insects 2012

How are perceptions of incongruence – dissipating structures, incompatible scales of magnitude, temporal misdirections, ‘transgressive’ mixing, toxicity, and contagion – construed through disciplinary protocols? How are they experienced somatically and bio-socially? To what extent have the various mathematical, physical, meteorological and philosophical frameworks, such as undecidability, non-linear dynamics, autopoiesis, or posthuman performativity, re-calibrated the socio-semantics of perception?

This talk focuses on two sets of artistic practices that push the limits of congruence: the 1960-70s work with iterability (Brecht), with obsessive irruptions of sameness (Kusama), with faintness (Shiomi), and with scatology (McCarthy); and, the 2010s work with electro-biology (Davis), cross-species swarming (Shen), and bio-digital circuits of continually transforming matter (Yoo). By bringing naturalist concerns to bear on conceptual and/or social processes, complexity is articulated through the lenses of ludic ethology and existential refrains (Guatarri), a form of organisation that is simultaneously an investment of energy, a patterning, a practice, and a relation.

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