Natasha Lushetich

Systemic Stupidity

For Hannah Arendt, stupidity is a systematic lack of thought. For Jacques Derrida, it is a slippage into the preconscious. For Bernard Stiegler, stupidity is a technologically reinforced desire for the automated and the clichéd. Although as old as the human race, stupidity is endemic in the age of viral mnemotechnics. Many forms of thought – daydreaming, contemplation, (non-teleological) experimentation, and playful silliness – have become increasingly obsolete.

Ecosophy can be seen as the antidote to these tendencies. As an embodied and environmentally embedded thought, ecosophy does not differentiate between thinking and doing, human and animal, nature and the social world. It works with an unspecified continuum, instead. This paper offers an ecosophical reading of the logic of fluxing. It does not focus on specific Fluxus works but on the creation of situations, attitudes, memes and bio-social choreographies. In an effort to determine the ecoshophical method of fluxing, the paper also offers an appraisal of the Fluxus legacy in eco-phenomenological, rather than art-historical terms: as a deeply creative approach to living.

→ Creativity, SLSA