Natasha Lushetich


Shopping for Being is a performative presentation based on Persona, a multimedial practice-as-research project that investigates the relationship between globalisation and the politics of identity-construction. Globalisation is here understood as a self-reconstituting hybrid of materiality and virtuality, a socio-political framework that operates mostly at the level of cultural memes. Focusing on the ‘United States of Europe’ and its increasing demand for standardisation and uniformity, this performative presentation – which consists of live performance, film and theory – investigates the apparent contradiction between the globalised non-substantive self, a self with no core, only layers of habits woven of personal experiences, gender, ethnic, religious, and brand conditioning, and, the imperative to identify – to locate, voice and assert one’s belonging in order to obtain a legitimised existence.

By posing questions such as ‘who has the right to choose one’s cultural and sexual identity?’, ‘how do illness and old age affect one’s sense of belonging?’ and ‘under what circumstances does an ‘I’ become a ‘we’, a ‘not them’, a fortress against those perceived as ‘others’?’ Shopping for Being takes a comparative look at the socio-economic and cultural forces that forge identities today.