Natasha Lushetich

On Game Structures is an interdisciplinary platform for querying the logic of artistic, epistemological and economic moves and strategies. In art, science and philosophy, as in social praxis, every position is always an intersection of past moves.  And every new move, in turn, alters the existing structure by altering the relationship between the structure’s constituent elements: time, space, rules, goals, and modes of interaction. This dynamic interpenetration of play – as emergent activity – and games – as coagulated structure – is, in this issue, explored in scholarly and artistic ways. Examples of the hybrid tropes the contributors engage with are liminoid social rites, playbour (the neoliberal fusion of play and labour), mathematical-musical recursion, Taqiyyah (the Islamic jurisprudence which embroils truth and falsity), porn-sports, and phantasmal ludicity.

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