Natasha Lushetich



Natasha Lushetich is an artist, theorist and educator. Initially trained as a performer (East 15 Drama School, London; Ecole Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris), she worked as a performer and director in European performance, video art, and film 1994-2007 prior to developing a taste for theoretical research. During this period she collaborated with Jean-Michel Bruyère, Griftheater, Aernout Mik, Olivier Provigly and Atsushi Ogata, among others.  In 2001 she founded subRosa, an Amsterdam-based interdisciplinary collective dedicated to creating invisible one-on-one performances and performative installations on location.

Natasha’s artistic work has been funded by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (1999; 2001), The Mondrian Foundation (2002-3), The Performing Arts Fund NL (2004-5), the VSB Fund (2003), the Croatian Ministry of Culture (2000; 2006; 2011), and Mama Cash (2001-2) as well as developed through series of residencies such as Steim (1998, Amsterdam), Fulbright (1999-2000, NYC), Noorderzon (2002, Groningen), and ArtsLink (2007, Cleveland & NYC). She has also received several awards – Nazor (1995) and Mediteraneo (1997) for Imago, and IFoNP (2006) for Egomania. In 2007 Natasha embarked on an AHRC-funded MA and PhD in Art Theory & Performance Studies at the University of Exeter. Having obtained her PhD in 2011, she is the author of two books and numerous articles and chapters. Natasha has also led two interdisciplinary research projects, the Bridging the Gaps-funded Critical Gaming (2012-13) and the HASS-funded Spaces of the Mind (2014-2016). Alongside teaching practice (in Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, and Paris), she has lectured extensively on intermedia, art in social context, cultural performance, hegemony and biopolitics, most recently at the University of Exeter. Natasha is currently Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Practices and Visual Studies at LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore.