Natasha Lushetich



Natasha is an artist and theorist. Her research focuses on intermedia, biopolitics and performativity, the status of sensory experience in cultural knowledge, global perspectives on contemporary art, hegemony, and, more recently, disorder and complexity. She is currently Professor of Contemporary Art & Theory at the University of Dundee, Scotland, and AHRC Leadership Fellow (2020-21).

Initially trained as a performer and director (East 15, London; Ecole Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris), Natasha worked in European performance, video art and film for over a decade prior to developing a taste for theoretical research. Her work has been shown in international festivals, museums, and at performance/film venues in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Natasha is the recipient of numerous residencies and fellowships such as Steim (1998, Amsterdam), Fulbright (1999-2000, New York), Noorderzon (2002, Groningen), and ArtsLink (2007, Cleveland & New York); her artistic work has been funded by the Arts Council England (1997); Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (1999; 2001); the Croatian Ministry of Culture (2000; 2006; 2011); Mama Cash (2001-2); The Mondrian Foundation (2002-3); The Dutch Performing Arts Fund (2004-5); and the VSB Fund (2003). She is also a founder member of subRosa with whom she produced many ‘invisible’ interventionist works, such as The Virus (2001-2003), Demediocratic (2003-2005), and Intersecting Perspectives (2004-2005).

In 2007 Natasha embarked on an AHRC-funded MA and PhD in Art Theory and Performance Studies at the University of Exeter, which she completed in 2011. She has, since then, authored two monographs (Rodopi 2014; Palgrave 2016), co-edited a journal (Taylor & Francis 2016), edited two collections (Rowman and Littlefiled 2018; De Gruyter), and written numerous journal articles and book chapters. She has also led two interdisciplinary research projects, the Bridging the Gaps-funded Critical Gaming (2012-13); the HASS- and Maudsley Fund funded Spaces of the Mind (2014-16), and the LaSalle & NAC-funded Imaginations of Disorder (2017-18). Her current research project is entitled The Future of Indeterminacy: Datification, Memory, Bio-Politics and is funded by the AHRC. Alongside teaching practice in the UK, EU and the US Natasha has lectured extensively on intermedia, contemporary art, biopolitics, embodiment and hegemony, both as a visiting professor and at her home institutions, the most recent of which are the University of Exeter; LaSalle, Singapore; and the University of Dundee. Natasha has received several teaching awards and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.