Natasha Lushetich

Natasha’s performing/devising work includes, among others, collaborations with Jean Michele Bruyère (Sois belle en t’eveillant, 1994, France), Orchestra Stolpnik (The F of BMW, 1995, Italy), Dialogue Ouvert (Apocalypso, 1996, Austria), Karina Holla (The Man Who Wouldn’t Lie Down, 1997; City Life, 1999, The Netherlands), Griftheater (Nexus, 1998; R-Cirkel, 2000, The Netherlands), The House of Extreme Music (Rocking, 2001, India), Parels Voor de Zwijnen (Lieve Joke, 2002, The Netherlands) and Olivier Provigly (De Demonstranten, 2003, The Netherlands). Her directing work includes Imago (Gavella, 1995, Croatia) while her video art collaborations include Oxygen 4 (Dan Oki, 2001, The Netherlands) and Vacuum Room (Arnout Mik, 2005, The Netherlands).