Natasha Lushetich

The Virus is an invisible, ‘on-the-road’ project in which a mobile confessional, popularly called Agnes, cruises the city, picking up (individual) accidental passersby. Once inside, the passerby is faced with an invisible co-passenger who recounts intimate personal memories of the city. The passerby is invited to take part in the passenger’s emotional cartography or create a personal one. These dreamscapes are recorded, edited and replayed in a gallery.

With: Aniek Boon, Edie Kagie, Karin Komljanac, Vilim Matula, Lotos Vincenc
Mobile confessional design: Sandra Sterle
Dramaturgy: Annemarie Kalma

Realised with the financial support of the VSB Fonds and MamaCash. Produced by The Grand Theatre, Groningen and subRosa.

October 2003                     City of Women, Ljubljana
September 2003                 Urban Festival, Zagreb
August 2003                       De Uitmarkt, Amsterdam
August  2002                      Noorderzon Festival, Groningen