Natasha Lushetich

Demediocratic is an invisible durational performance (6 – 24 hrs), which infiltrates a larger event, a museum opening or a multimedia festival in order to sample the visitors’ opinions and aesthetic preferences and create a ‘universally appealing work of art’. Armed with detailed questionnaires, the interviewers interrogate the visitors on the relationship between size and value, colour and meaning, personality and artistic appeal as well as, more generally, on the purpose of art and the role of the artist in society. Once every hour the interviewers present their findings to the wider audience, once every 4 – 6 hours they produce a new, democratically created work of art (WOA).

With: Aniek Boon, Hannah Eijkelboom, Natasha Lushetich, Claire Williams
Design: Aniek Boon

Realised with the financial support of the Mondrian Foundation. Produced by de Balie and subRosa.

September  2005                Dox, Prague        
March         2005                Argos, Brussels
March         2004                Felix Meritis, Amsterdam
November   2003                De Balie, Amsterdam