Natasha Lushetich

Intersecting Perspectives is an investigation into opinion formation, a cinematographic performance installation for two viewers at a time. Audience members are asked to come in pairs, but are split apart as soon as they arrive and ushered into two segregated parts of the installation: A and B. From the moment they enter they are also treated as person A and person B. Person A gets to see an account of an A-life – intelligent, funny, reckless, ‘naughty’; person B sees an account of a B-life – depressed and boring. Much of what they see is exactly the same only the context is different. The viewers remain alone in their respective cabins where interactive film footage and occasional snippets of live performance are shown, however, a built-in swivel mechanism turns the cabins around and offers an occasional glimpse of the other ‘reality’. Having participated in a radically different account of a very similar, almost identical sequence of events, the viewers are escorted to a lounge where other A’s and B’s await their arrival. Cued by conversation menus, a Rashomon-like reconstruction of the respective sequences ensues.

With: René Blom, Erik Buitinga, Nico Buitinga, Hannah Eijkelboom, Karina Holla, Nenad Jankovic, Eddie Kagie, Annemarie Kalma, Nanne Kalma, Koni Kirnbauer, Natasha Lushetich, Jacob Krabbendam, Wim Muewissen, Lee-Anne Oswald, Liliana Ravnjak, Adel Salem, Rogier Schippers, Frank Sheppard, Adinda Snelderwaard, Will Spoor, Julia Strijland, Iva Supic, Satoshi Terada, Frits Vogels

Design and art direction: Aniek Boon
Dramaturgy: Annemarie Kalma
Camera: Praveen Kumar, Atsushi Ogata, Roel Verhallen
Editing: Roel Verhallen
Installation construction: Frans vand der Horst
Technical assistance:  Asier Solana

Realised with the financial support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and the Fonds voor de Podiumkunsten. Produced by de Balie and subRosa. Run: December 2004 – January 2005 De Balie, Amsterdam.