Natasha Lushetich

Individualism in the times of turbo-capitalism. In a high speed PowerPoint presentation two Ego Gurus show witting and unwitting audiences how to become a successful Ego Corporation even if starting as a complete blob of a human being. They initiate their audiences in the secrets of profitable EGO production, shrewd EGO capital acquisition, lucrative emotional banking, and efficient emotional accounting. Whether invisibly or visibly performed (in banks or art centres/theatres), the Ego gurus offer post-presentation one-on-one consulting at no extra cost.

With: Damir Klemen/Daniel Twain, Natasha Lushetich
Design: Lina & Klif

Realised with the financial support of the Arts Council of Zagreb and the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Produced by Teatar Exit/ SC Gallery.


April          2009                      BNP Paribas, Rouen
January      2009                     Dexia Bank, Brussels
November   2008                     Axa Bank, Antwerpen
May            2008                     Raiffeisen Bank, Vienna
March         2008                     WU, Vienna   
February     2007                     Creative Forum, Alexandria
November   2006                     Sib-Altera, Novosibirsk
August        2006                     Mladi Levi, Ljubljana
August        2006                     Zadar Snova, Zadar
July             2006                    Karantena, Dubrovnik
June            2006                    International Festival of New Theatre, Novi Sad