Natasha Lushetich


A performative cinematic installation, Persona explores identity politics as a game of relay. Most of the time, we live by performing the forms we have inherited from others. We sit on chairs, open doors, laugh, cry, frown, and hesitate the way we have seen others sit on chairs, open doors, laugh, cry, frown or hesitate. We read books, watch TV, play digital games and sample new ways of laughing, frowning and hesitating. Using a variety of exteriorised acting techniques, this solo work queries the social and cultural construction of identity. It looks at the ways in which communally shared identities (harmless as well as toxic) are produced in telephone conversations, on the internet, and in live interactions, posing questions about identity commodification, the relation between illness, old age, affect and belonging and the ubiquitous ‘us-and-them-ist’ practices of othering.

With: Natasha Lushetich
Director of Photography: Bruno Bahunek
Editing: Vjeran Pavlinić
Costume Design: Nataša Miihaljčišin
Hair and Make up: Maya Bingula
CGI Grading: Krsto Jaram
Sound Mix: Livada
Executive Producer: Edvin Liverić
Technical Assistance: Tom Schmider

Realised with the financial support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture; produced by The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb. Run:  18 – 23 December 2011.